I always knew my heart was in care work

Kirstie says:

“As a child I looked up to my mum who is a critical care nurse, she worked hard to get where she is and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps.

 I got my first job in a care home in the kitchens washing pots and would sit and chat to the residents and gradually over time my interest grew, I have had several other jobs, but knew my heart was in care work. 

I worked for the NHS for 16 years as a Clinical Support Worker, Phlebotomist and Healthcare Assistant, which was a very busy environment with high demand. I moved to Trustcare because you’re given more time to spend with service users and provide a higher standard of care.

I start each morning by checking emails and making sure there have been no issues overnight before heading out to my first call, brew in hand.

I get to meet so many different people helping them with tasks throughout the day, such as getting them up in the morning, giving them medication and preparing meals. My clients are very friendly - I love singing and they enjoy listening and someone will always offer you a brew and to sit down for a chat.

After completing my calls and paperwork, I’ll then head into the office. As a Senior Carer, I also manage a team of Carers and organise their rotas - a time consuming part of my role but I secretly love it. 

The best part of the job is the laughter and the support you get from the team, it’s so relaxed and everyone is approachable. The company look after the staff on all levels and help you to progress in your role. 

If you care about people, are hardworking and can show initiative then I would definitely recommend joining our team. It’s never boring and seeing how happy we all make people is amazing."

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