Mr Ryan’s Alert and Response Experience

“You never realise how important it is, until you have to use it…”

We never consider falling a scary experience. We always trust there is someone near to help us up. But for those who live alone, help isn’t always available and the thought of falling can be frightening.

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THT and L&Q join forces to bring £4bn into the NW

Trafford Housing Trust - which runs independent living service TrustCare – has announced plans to become part of L&Q Group, one of the largest housing associations in the country.

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Kirsty's Morning Motivation - Nanny Sally

What Makes You Get Out of Bed on a Monday Morning? A Blog By Kirstie Walls, Alert and Response Manager

Recently I interviewed a candidate for an Alert and Response Technician role. When I asked if they had any anything they wanted to ask me, they responded with one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked: “What makes you get out of bed on a Monday morning?”

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