I’ve stopped worrying since Mum joined Be Social

Pam enjoying a Be Social event

33-year-old Dave lives with his wife Emma in Broadheath and started worrying about his mum, Pam, after his father sadly passed away.

Dave says: “Mum became very dependent on me when Dad passed away as she struggled with simple tasks like cooking, managing finances and doing the shopping.

Luckily, she lives nearby in Timperley so I often visit her to help-out, but would worry when I was busy at work or had other personal commitments that she would be lonely in her house on her own with nothing to do.

After hearing about Be Social, I thought it would be perfect for mum to encourage her to get out and about and try new things - and she agreed.

Since joining, I’ve stopped worrying because I know she has made new friends and has a busy social life. Now we go days without seeing each other because she’s so busy - and when we do see each other she has lots of stories to tell me about what she has been up to.

A lot of her new friends from Be Social help her out now too and make sure she’s eating well, which takes the pressure off me.  

Pam says:

“Once I heard about Be Social I was very interested. Being a widow I didn’t get out much and heavily rely on friends and family to take me out which can be difficult due to their work and personal commitments.

Being a member of Be Social feels like I’m part of a small community, I get to meet new people that have the same interests as me and I feel a lot more independent as I don’t have to wait for my friends or family to be available.

I look forward to getting the new calendar each month and the wide variety of things I can choose to do or experience. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

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