Looking out for Tom

At the time when I contacted Trustcare, my elderly friend was in good physical health but his dementia was getting more severe. He was physically able to get around, to do his shopping and to prepare simple meals, but he was getting increasingly forgetful and was not taking his medication, affecting his mood and sleep pattern.

I contacted Trustcare after a Social Services Capability Assessment, and Trustcare’s initial meetings with my friend were informal and non-threatening. Trustcare advised that as well as taking actions to make sure medication was being taken as prescribed, we should also try to make meals more healthy and regular. They proposed two visits per day to oversee medication, to prepare fresh, nutritious meals and to provide daily social engagement.

One significant concern for me was whether my friend would accept someone new coming to his home and involving themselves with his life. Trustcare made great efforts to select a carer who we believed would be accepted by my friend and to introduce the carer in a non-threatening way. This care paid off and the carer has been valued by my friend since that initial introduction.

The support in place is working very well. My friend appreciates the help he is getting – and takes it for granted already. It is a great reassurance to know that medicines and food are constantly overseen and that my friend can safely continue to live in his own home with a good degree of the independence that is important to him.


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