“My family feel at ease knowing I have a lifeline”


James decided to get a personal alarm for emergency situations when he wasn't near a phone.

James says:

I became a widower in 2015 and suddenly I was living on my own. I had never really put any thought into what I would do if I had an emergency, because until then I was never really on my own.

My daughter brought it to my attention that I would need some way of calling for help if I had an emergency and couldn’t reach my phone.

Trafford Council recommended Trustcare and explained about their personal alarm service with a button you press when you need assistance.   

I have had to use the service on 5 separate occasions in the last 18 months, all of these calls were for instances where I had fallen in my home and could not get myself up off the floor. Trustcare responded swiftly and assisted me up off the floor with their lifting equipment which is brilliant and took the stress out of what would normally be a very difficult situation.

There was one exception where an ambulance had to be called to assist me as I thought I may have hurt something when I fell, but Trustcare also arrived to ensure I was comfortable and safe while I was waiting for the ambulance. .

I wouldn’t feel quite as safe without having my pendant on me. Not only that, but my family feel much more at ease knowing that I have a lifeline I can use in the event of any emergencies. Because of this service, my family can enjoy more freedom and are able to live their own lives without being so concerned about my wellbeing all the time.

I could not fault the service I have received and if you’re considering it, I’d say use it! They are brilliant. I would give them 10/10. They have a fantastic response, great communication over the alarm when I call them – they always ask the right questions and clearly know what they are doing. I have not one qualm or complaint about the service I have had from them.

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