Mr Ryan’s Alert and Response Experience


"You'll never realise how important it is, until you have to use it…"

We never consider falling a scary experience. We always trust there is someone near to help us up. But for those who live alone, help isn't always available and the thought of falling can be frightening. 

This was the case for 88-year-old, Vincent Ryan.

Vincent has been a Trustcare customer since February 2020 and uses our 24/7 personal alarm service. He hasn’t needed to use this service, until recently.

While doing a spot of gardening, Vincent fell and was unable to get himself up. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, he reached for his phone. But it was not in his pocket.

He became frightened that he was alone.

It was then he remembered he was wearing his pendant alarm under his shirt like he does every day. He pressed the button for help and waited.

When the pendant was activated, the control room spoke through the two-way base unit installed in his home. As Vincent was in his garden, the Trustcare team was unable to hear a response and initiated a “No Contact situation”. This meant that a responder would be alerted that Vincent needed immediate help.

Michelle, the responder on shift at the time, departed from the control room to attend to the property. On arrival, Michelle found Vincent lay on his back in his garden. She called for an ambulance.

While they waited for the ambulance to arrive, Michelle made sure Vincent was comfortable. She covered him with some of his coats and even brought his duvet to keep him warm.

From the moment Michelle arrived, Vincent felt relieved and reassured that help was there.

When asked about his experience, Vincent said:

“You never realise how important it is until you have to use it…It was a big relief when Michelle responded, out there alone, not sure if anyone would find me. But having the pendant, they did.”

Wearing a personal alarm gives Vincent the assurance that if a situation like this should happen again - whether inside or outside the vicinity of his home - there will always be help available.