What Makes You Get Out of Bed on a Monday Morning?


A Blog By Kirstie Walls, Alert and Response Manager​


Recently I interviewed a candidate for an Alert and Response Technician role. When I asked if they had any anything they wanted to ask me, they responded with one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked: “What makes you get out of bed on a Monday morning?” And my response was this: my Nanny Sally.


My Nan had long-standing health concerns for some time, and when these began to get worse my Uncle David became her full-time carer. But, as is often the case, there were certain things we still needed help with and so my Mum and Auntie sought out a team of carers. We luckily found a great company that made such a difference to my nan’s life.

Sadly, my uncle’s own health deteriorated meaning he could no longer care for my nanny Sally. My nan watched as my mum and auntie cared for my uncle in their home until the very end. He passed away on Mother’s Day surrounded by the people who loved him the most.

My nan’s carers looked after her throughout, following her routine every single day. She was very particular! I remember staying over with my nan one evening. With the remote by her side, a packet of her favourite crisps (ready salted) in hand and the television set to the film we were about to watch, I knew she was happy. She was home, surrounded by everything she loved: the pictures of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, her favourite chair, her blanket and her multitude of perfumes and jewellery.

Before my uncle passed away, he had made a bucket list, planning to visit his favourite place, Donegal. As he never made it, on the anniversary of his death my Nan was taken to Donegal. But, when she came home, she became very ill and was rushed to hospital. She was then taken into ICU, the same department my Mum worked on.

As a family, we took turns to sit with my nanny Sally, telling her stories, talking to her, all the while fighting back the tears. She never wanted to die in hospital, but sadly that is what happened. The nurses that cared for her were incredible and they are all still friends and colleagues of my Mum today. My Mum walks past the room my nan died every time she’s on shift. I have no idea how painful this is for her.

So, this is why I do what I do: because I care, and I want to be able to fulfil the wishes of people. To give them the chance to be at home, surrounded by their memories, their pictures and everything that they love. To allow them the chance to have that one memory that helps them to cling on to the good times. We all do what we do because each of us wants to make a difference. We want to ensure the people we support, remain as safe and independent as possible.

On Monday mornings I remember my Nan and that is what gets me out of bed every morning.

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