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The Purr-fect Pet

This is Joy Parker and her robotic cat

It purrs, rolls over and looks and feels like a real cat, but these are robotic pets aimed at improving the lives of those living with dementia.

The pets stimulate conversation and communication in withdrawn customers. They can calm anxiety and soothe those that may be agitated. They provide all the joy of a pet without the burden and responsibility of looking after a real-life animal.


Wonderful 91-year-old Joy of Newhaven in Timperley, who lives with dementia, has recently adopted a black and white robotic cat called Bob.

Her daughter, Suzanne, said: “My mum is absolutely thrilled with him, in my mum’s eyes he’s real and she’s looking after him. It’s become a real point of conversation during our visits.”

Joy’s family were invited in for a care review when they were told about the robotic animals and how they can positively impact people living with dementia. Joy’s family agreed to give it a go and have been amazed at how well her mum has taken to her new pet.

“The cat has been fantastic for my mum, and it moves like a real pet; she just really loves it. I’d definitely recommend them,” added Suzanne.

Joy had two much-loved cats many years ago called Bob and Taz, and the name Bob was quickly adopted for the latest addition to her home. The robotic dementia pets bring much joy and purpose to many older people living with dementia. Research has shown that having a soft toy they can interact with is a drug-free alternative to soothe and relieve anxiety.

Joy moved to Newhaven with her husband, who required care, eight years ago, and while she didn’t need additional support when she first moved in, the level of care has slowly increased over the years.

Suzanne said: “At Trustcare, they get to know the person, they’re all so wonderful. For instance, if my mum has a fall, they’re on hand to help, and I know they’ll ring me. They give me peace of mind that she is well looked after.

“It’s not just the carers it’s the whole team here that make Newhaven what it is, from the residents through to the café, they all know my mum enjoys a cup of tea and what she likes and doesn’t like. There’s a real sense of community here.

“Everyone is so kind and patient, what more can you ask for?”

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