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Never feel too proud, it could save your life

Maggie chose Trustcare after experiencing an accidental house fire

After an accidental house fire, Maggie decided to get a personal alarm to feel safe and independent in her home.


Maggie says:

I lived with my partner of 62 years, in Sale, Cheshire before sadly losing him in 2014. I suddenly felt alone and realised that I am no longer as independent as I once was, especially after experiencing a house fire which started after I accidentally left a dish cloth on top of the cooker which then set alight.

After hearing about Trustcare in December 2014 from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service I decided to try their Alert and response service. They visited my home and set me up with a personal alarm and showed me to use it which helped me to feel safe and secure.

I also get a wellbeing call each day to check everything is ok, which reassures me that I’m not alone and is a friendly voice I look forward to hearing. You can tell that the team really care and never rush a call. Whenever I need a helping hand, such as following a fall, they respond quickly and if needed, send someone to come and check on me.

To anyone considering using Trustcare, I’d say it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever done and you’ll never feel alone. Phones in every room are not always the answer as you may not be able to reach them in every situation. Never feel too proud because one day, it could save your life.

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